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NGK SPARK PLUG invests in AliveCor series F financing round as they expand offerings of their electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to key healthcare industry stakeholders.

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We’re on your side, working toward your success throughout the process. Our goal is to drive value well into the future. Together, we can serve society and build business.

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Unique Energy Storage Solutions

NTK collaborates with companies to develop unique technologies that will lead to storage capacitors.

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Vehicle Maintenance Platform

At NTK, we’re driving the future of safer and more convenient mobility through collaboration.

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Batteries for all Environments

Despite pervasive use, batteries still don’t perform well in harsh environments.

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IoT Integrated Battery Systems

More than ever, cities around the world depend on distributed sources to facilitate renewable energy.

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We’re always looking for new businesses and technologies, especially in mobility, energy, sustainability, medical, and communications. If we work together and take on new challenges, we can redefine industries and make a difference in the world.

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